(3 Month to 12 Yrs)

Safe and Healthy learning environment for all children

Contemplating with the need of the hour, the fundamentals of a Day Care have been changing. Surely it is an exquisite need of working parents, but in the current scenario, a center based Day Care primarily focuses on Inclusive Growth of the child. With the enhancement of nuclear families, the child needs holistic development and our prime focus is not only to act as a crèche but also provide you with a center for child’s overall learning and growth.

In the growing scenario, where both the parents are in a spree to work, their concern for childs care and growth needs to handled with care, endurance and mostly importantly safety. To comply with the same need we bring about a whole theory of operating a Day Care.


Day Care @ Jack & Jill follow a two fold theory concept





  1. -> Need Based Care
  2. -> Flexible timing ( 7am – 9pm, Per hour, Per Day, Per Month admission)
  3. -> Least No. of Holidays
  4. -> Inhouse Hygienic Kitchen
  5. -> Mother Feed Facility
  6. -> Daily Report of the child
  7. -> Daily Routine can be followed as per parent requirement
  8. -> Parent Participation on various events



  1. -> Imbibing Moral Values
  2. -> Regular routine of Prayer/Yoga/Exercise
  3. -> Nutritious Food Habits
  4. -> Everyday Indoor/Outdoor games and Activities
  5. -> Separate area of Dine, Study and Sleep
  6. -> All Festival Celebrations
  7. -> Picnics, Carnivals,Sports Day, Annual Day, Parties etc.


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