Mother Toddler

(9 months – 18 months)

Mother Toddler

It’s a specially designed program for children of age group between 9 months – 18 months ( 1.5 yrs), where parents and children together join us for an experiential sessions, which is loaded with educational and fun learning activities according to child age and ability. The ideology behind this program is to prepare children for their easy transitioning to Playschool without getting intimidated by the new school environment plus it promotes early development and learning amongst children from an early age.

A Day in life of a Toddler

Welcome and Free Play – 20 mins

The time is designed for children to channelize their energy and settle down in the environment.

Circle Time – 10 mins

Circle time is the child and parent’s first introduction to a daily routine. Parents and children sing rhymes, do stretching and yoga, read-aloud stories, and recall special moments.

Station Time – 30 mins

Station Time is planned to provide children with opportunities to explore, build skills, and pick their curiosity in different areas. The aim is to design 3 to 4 stations centered around sensory exploration, fine motor skills, read-aloud, art and design explorations.

Sensory or Outdoor Play

Sensory or Outdoor Play – 25 mins

During this time, parents and children immerse in a range of activities from all designed to promote physical development with fun activities.

Reflection Time – 5 mins

Closing time is an opportunity for parents to share their feedback on the day and to share learning strategies that parents can use at home.

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