Top 5 Baby Products Available In India

If you are a new parent in town, We are sure you will be struggling to find the right products for your child. Early Days are very important as it helps you and your child to bond. Safe and healthy products can be bought online. To help you solve this problem. We have a curated an amazing list for you. Here are the top 12 baby products you can buy online. Go through the list and pick your favorite and most needed items now.

We have categorized the products into hygiene, food, and toys. This will help you choose the appropriate from each group.

A. Hygiene:
Hygiene does take precedence over everything else. As a clean environment is most essential for your baby to grow healthily and build immunity. Here are some well-reputed and popular products for your baby in this category.

B. Food:
Again, food is something that is extremely important for your baby! These products below offer additional nutrition and care for your baby, apart from breast milk.

C. Toys
After food, toys are the next best thing for kids! They are vital for a baby’s mental and motor development, as toys stimulate their physical and reflex skills. Here is a plethora of products available in India.


1. Himalaya

Himalaya offers a variety of baby care products such as baby massage oil, baby shampoo, baby soap baby powder, baby rash creams, baby diapers, gentle baby wipes and baby lotion. All these ensure to keep your baby’s skin fresh, moisturized and kills germs adequately.

2. Lego

Lego is one of the best-selling toy brands in India offering you a wide range of products. Lego has named his toys sets as per the moods, such as Lego Duplo creative animals, Lego creative picnic, Lego police set, Lego treasure hunt, Lego read & build peekaboo jungle and many more exciting toys for your kid.

3. Chicco

Chicco is one of the safe and best brand in India that looks for your child’s hygiene and specializes in baby toys, wet wipes, brush and comb set, dry fit diapers, comfort net plus, anatomical potty, hot humidifier, piston Aerosol unit, walkers and baby digital scale.

4. Funskool


Funskool has an awesome collection of high standard quality toys and games for entertaining your baby. In addition, these products are easy to carry out wherever you go offering hours of fun to your baby.

5.Fisher Price

Fisher price baby toys products call for inborn play value, strong construction, and creativity. The quality of fisher price products provides your dear little ones with the premier and safer baby gear and toys.

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